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She enjoyed the fact that somebody noticed she existed beneath the bosom, and we set up a leg shoot for later that year.You meet Linsey in person and sure, you see that she could walk around like one of those cigarette girls in the '40s without using her hands to hold the tray. But you get to meet her, or have dinner with her, or be on-set with her, and you can tell why guys worldwide drool like Rottweilers in a junkyard waiting for a guy to try and steal some hubcaps.The bod is smoking, the accent drives me nuts personally, and her having all-natural tits is just amazing. She has a large sense of humor. For somebody like me who's met hundreds of models, let me tell you, a lot of them don't, and that kinda kills some of the allure when you meet them. Linsey gets rolling, and she is as personable as my other favorites: Nikki Diamond, Chaz, Exotica, Lorna Morgan and Brittany Love. Girls that are turn-ons totally clothed, even though you couldn't hide their curves with burlap and duct tape.I got to helm V-Mag for a while, and more than a few times, Linsey graced the pages of an issue I put together. I got more thankful letters from happy guys who had glued those pages together than perhaps for any other model. There is a reason we come back weekly to check out what this heartbreaker is up to, and stepping out of. Perhaps more than any other model, Linsey is the one that keeps you wanting to come back and visit. Adinner with Linsey and her sister Alyson was one of those happy events that just popped up and I'll never forget it. Linsey is the kind of person you meet, and believe me guys, you remember her forever! --Joe Monks (Leg Sex editor, retired), Author, Stuff Out'a My HeadSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM! 22 bigboobs blow and press in storeroom. Claire cruelly using syd syd blakovitch claire adams. 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